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'Nature Fresh' 100% Pure Organic Black Castor Oil is a natural plant oil that is produced from

the seed of the castor plant. Castor oil has been used throughout history in Ancient Egypt and

in the middle ages in Europe for many medicinal purposes. It was then regarded as a folk medicine.

Organic Castor oil is rich in emollients which softens and soothes the skin.


The oil is known to deeply penetrate the skin and help to retain moisture.

'Nature Fresh' 100% Pure Organic Black Castor Oil can help improve conditions such as: Warts,

Ring-Worm, Abscesses, Bruises, Dry skin, Dermatitis, Sunburn, Open sores, Eczema, Moles, Yeast infections,

Age spots, Athlete's foot, Acne, Inflammation, Stretch Marks, Skin Abrasions, Hair Loss, Dry and Brittle hair.

Directions: Apply to hair and body daily.

*For External use only.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.








Nature Fresh Huile de Ricin Noire 100% Pure et Organique peut contribeur a ameliorer les conditions dans les case comme: Les verrues, peau sèche, Ring-vis sans fin, lésions cutanées, les contusions, dermatite, coups de soleil, l'eczéma, taupes,

plaies ouvertes, les infections aux levures,taches de vieillesse, le pied d'athlète, inflammation, les vergetures, l'acné, abcès, la perte de cheveux, cheveux secs et cassants.

Nature Fresh Aceite Negro de Ricino 100% Puro y Organico puede ayudar a mejorar las condiciones tales como: Las verrugas, tiña-, abscesos, contusiones, piel seca, dermatitis,quemadurassolares, heridas abiertas,eczema, lunares, infecciones por hongos, manchas de edad, el pie de atleta, acné, inflamación,estrías,

abrasiones de la piel, la pérdida del cabello, cabello seco y quebradizo.
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